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Dull skin is a skin type that appears lackluster. It  lacks radiance and may have a rough or uneven texture. Dull skin can be caused by various factors, such as aging, dehydration, stress, environmental pollution but one we see often is the buildup of dead skin cells.

Despite mainstream belief, oily skin types should not avoid oils but instead should embrace them just as much as a dry skin type.  Oils aren’t just for moisturizing the skin, they are also the ingredients that balance and restore and play the most important role in keeping the microbiome balanced.  The easiest and most effective way to restore balance is with a cleansing oil.

Sensitive skin types are prone to irritation, inflammation, and allergic reactions when exposed to certain products, ingredients, or environmental factors.

The most common skin type we see in the treatment room. There are many factors that contribute to dry skin such as environmental stressors, drying ingredients, internal stressors,  etc. The most common culprit we see in the treatment room is over-exfoliation. This depletes our natural oils that keep skin hydrated and protected and can result in skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis and fine lines.

And that’s okay!

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