Healing Botanical SkincareTM

All of our products are handmade in our lab in San Francisco.

Take our Skin Quiz to get a tailored Monastery routine for you. Still stumped? Reach out to our team at information@monasterymade.com to speak with professionals on how to use the products and where to start.

The products are formulated to have a shelf life of 12 months after opening. With the exception of the Aloe Hyaluronic Boost, which has a shelf life of 6 months. Please take care to store the products in a cool place that is out of direct sunlight. This will help to get the most out of your product.

Place 1-2 drops of Rose or Sage Cleansing Oil in the palm of your hand. Massage your face to remove makeup and any other dirt from the day. Remove the cleansing oil and dirt with a damp washcloth.

We do not use added salts or alcohols in our products. Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid) is the only salt compound in any of our products.

All products are vegan except for Flora which contains a small amount of beeswax.

We do not use any synthetic fragrances or ingredients which can be irritating to the most sensitive skin. However, please reference our product ingredient lists if you are concerned about an allergy.

Our oils and ingredients come from all over the world. We always use the highest quality ingredients we can find, and buy organic ingredients whenever they are available. If we cannot find an organic option, our ingredients are almost certainly from wild harvests.

Yes, always!

Most are, yes. In fact, our founder used Attar on her baby's diaper rash, gold on his acne, and XX on his cradle cap. We don’t recommend using Rei due to the ingredient retinol or Aloe due to the ingredient clary sage being contraindicated. 

Yes, but that doesn’t mean your skin will react well to them. We formulate based on the belief that the majority of people have sensitive skin, so we’ve taken serious precautions to choose the least irritative oils derived from the purest extraction methods, of the highest quality and formulate without essential oils that are known common irritants.

Absolutely, you can find Athena at Monastery Studio in San Francisco. Athena has also personally trained her apprentices who you can also book with.

Start with our Rose Cleansing Oil! It’s one of our most beloved products and not only is cleansing the basis of any good skincare routine, but this one helps with everything from dryness and irritation to fine lines and acne.

Yes, by request! Please send us an email at information@monasterymade.com with your order number and we will include your sample. At this time we can only offer samples included with orders.


Our team ships orders Monday through Friday and will ship your product within 2-3 business days. Tracking will arrive to the email provided when you placed your order. We use USPS as our exclusive carrier for all domestic orders. For more shipping questions, please visit our Shipping & Returns page here. 

Please reach out to our team at information@monasterymade.com as soon as you discover the mistake and we will do our best to correct your order. 

Oh no! Please reach out to our team at information@monasterymade.com as soon as possible with photos of any damage and your order number so we can quickly work to help you. 

From time to time, USPS may mark your order as delivered when it’s only reached your local dispatcher. Please allow 2 business days for them to complete your order. If it still hasn’t arrive by this time, please contact our team at information@monasterymade.com and will work to resolve as quick as possible.

When you sign up for subscribe & save you receive 10% off plus free shipping on every order. You can set the frequency of your auto-replenishment to 30,45, or 60 days. We recommend you start with 45 days. You also have the flexibility to change delivery dates, skip upcoming shipments, adjust your delivery frequency, and edit your shipping and billing information at any point in time.

Simply login to your account to manage your subscription.  Go to My Account > Manage Subscriptions, and then select the edit button next to the subscribed product you wish to change. From there, you will have the ability to adjust your upcoming shipment date, product quantity, delivery schedule, payment information, and shipping address.

Go to My Account and click “Shipping Addresses” in the navigation bar at the top and follow instructions for making any edits. 

Go to My Account and click “Payment Methods” in the upper right section of the national bar at the top of the page. 

Discounts and promotional offers cannot be used with auto-replenishment orders. This includes rewards associated with our referral and loyalty program and limited time offerings. Occasionally, we will offer special additional promotions for subscribe & save members, and in those instances, you can apply discounts through your Account Portal: My Account > Apply Discount and enter the promotional code. 

You can change the ship date of an upcoming order up to 3 days prior to the scheduled ship date. Log into your account >  My Account > Manage Subscriptions > and click on “Next Charge Date”. This will open up a calendar and you can update your preferred date of delivery.  Click “Update Next Shipment Date” to save the new setting. 

You can add additional subscription products or one-time purchases to upcoming subscriptions. Login to your account: My Account > Manage Subscriptions and select a product from our collection and choose “add one-time” or “add subscription” to add to your next order. 

Login to your account and select the product you would like to update in the left-hand navigation bar and update the quantity. Click “Update” to save the new quantity setting. 

Absolutely. Simply go to My Account > Manager Subscription and >Delivery Schedule located in the navigation bar and select the “SKIP” button on the order you want to skip. 

You can pause a subscription at any point in time with no penalty. Simply log into your account and go to My Account > "Manage Subscriptions" and select “Cancel Subscription” located at the bottom right of the page.

For additional questions email us at: information@monasterymade.com